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Just send us some photos of you in your hilary morgan dress, and a few details such as names, dates and location, and we will be in touch.

As usual, we shall be showing at the biggest bridal roadshow in northern Europe. Come see us at Harrogate. We also show at roadshows around the country. Our Roadshow pages lists all the venues and dates for this season.

Real Life Brides - Laura K

26 June 2019

My dress was the first one I ever tried on and the one I kept going back to and the last one I ever had on. I knew it was my dress as soon as I put it on. The ladies that stock your wonderful dresses at All Things Bride and Beautiful at Ollerton Newark area did you proud.

Your dresses were reasonable, one of the best fits I ever had on..most of the dresses I tried from other designers were terrible having a big gaping whole in the back so I could never get a proper feel for them... having tried a lot of dresses on I soon went back to my favourite.

I had the most amazing time in my dress I felt like a queen and the dress was amazing and very light and airy.

Thank you for designing my beautiful wedding dress.


Laura K.

Attire Bridal

12 January 2018

Lynne Eizzard at David Keeling Associates talks to Attire Bridal Magazine about the established brand, hilary morgan. First published in Attire Bridal Issue 62, November/December 2017

Attire Bridal - Who created the hilary morgan brand and when did the label first launch to bridal retailers?

Lynne Eizzard - Our company started over 20 years ago, and we acquired the hilary morgan label around 10 years ago. The brand itself is very well established and can be traced back to around …read more

International wedding traditions

20 June 2017

We all know the saying "Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue". Brides are encouraged to wear something old (to show continuity), something new (to have optimism for the future), something borrowed (to show borrowed happiness) and something blue (to stand for purity and love). It is said to bring newlyweds good luck on their wedding day and their future together.

But what about the rest of the world.

In Norway, you will commonly see a cake …read more

Choose your dress

18 June 2017

Congratulations on your engagement – now the good shopping starts. You get to choose your wedding dress, possibly the most important dress you will ever buy.

Whatever you choose, you will look beautiful, but as this is probably the most expensive dress you will ever buy, it needs to be perfect. This is where your local hilary morgan stockist can help with their knowledge and experience.

What do you want from your dress? Is it to be comfortable? Is it to …read more

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