What style should I choose

A Line

These are fitted at the bodice, and the skirt flares wider so the silhouette resembles the letter A. Flattering for most body types, especially for figures that are heavier at the bottom as it accentuates the bust while hiding the middle area. An ideal example is our style 40680.

Ball Gown

A long formal dress with very full skirt. Especially good on average to tall women, the full skirt is very forgiving, hiding everything from midsection and below. Have a look at style Deb514.


With a high waist, often just below the bust, this style suits both petite women as well as those trying to hide a larger waist. Style 20802 is a good example.


Our style 40767 is an example of a trumpet fit. It fits closely until the hip, and then widens gradually. And can add curves to a flatter figure.


Originally designed in the 1930’s, but still very much alive. It fits closely from body to the knees, and then flares out. Best for hour glass figures. Check out our style HM121.

Tea cut

Shorter length to show off the ankles. An elegant style which can also be used to distract attention. A good example is our 40753S.

Knee length

Especially suitable for garden or beach wedding where a full length dress is just not suitable. Would our HM122 suit you?

We also have many styles which would complement the fuller figure. Look at our HMP1024 for example.

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