Choose your dress

18 June 2017

Congratulations on your engagement – now the good shopping starts. You get to choose your wedding dress, possibly the most important dress you will ever buy.

Whatever you choose, you will look beautiful, but as this is probably the most expensive dress you will ever buy, it needs to be perfect. This is where your local hilary morgan stockist can help with their knowledge and experience.

What do you want from your dress? Is it to be comfortable? Is it to show off your best features? Modern or classic? Do you need a slimmer neckline or halter neck? Do you want a high neckline? White, ivory or even coloured. Whatever shape you are, there are styles to flatter you. Short or long dress, fishtail or fuller skirt, train or no train, open or closed back – it’s all there. By all means listen to other people, but this is your wedding and your style. Whatever you choose, your stockist can help.

Be sensible. Set your budget before you go into the shop. All our dresses are reasonably priced, but know your budget, and how much you can reasonably adjust it. And don’t pick a dress just because it is the current trend. You are unique and your dress should suit you.

Go to your first appointment with only 1-3 family members or friends. If you take too many people, everybody has a different opinion on every dress. You can always book a second appointment with a larger group once you have narrowed the choice of dress to just a few contenders. And don’t be frightened to go with your instincts. You are going to be the centre of everything on the big day, so you have to be comfortable with your choice of dress. And once you have made your choice, stop looking. All you end up doing is second-guessing yourself and raising needless doubts.

And most of all, have fun!

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Choose your dress


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